Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIPS and ideas

I have done a bit of crocheting this year.  I have made numerous blankets, big and small.  I have really slacked in taking pictures.  I did get a picture of the blanket I made for my Gram. 
I was lucky to this one.  As you can see its on the back of my car as I was walking in to the post office.  The others I was in the rush rush and didn't take pictures.  I sent out I think six baby blankets.
I may have just fibbed, I think I may have semi part or maybe full pictures of the blankies.  Beware the cuteness may be too much for some! 
Here is the blanket I made for baby #1 Emma
Baby #2 Hadleigh came 10 days later

Then a month or so later came baby #3 Savion

My pictures aren't great :( but it is a reminder to slow down and get those just finished pictures that  make my heart sing. 
I did say that there were six babies, the other three were triplet girls.  I have only one picture of the three blankets. I made three different ones. I made two ripples, I think and a granny stripe. I used the same colors. 
I also have a few other WIPS.  I promised myself that I wouldn't and well you know how it is, the mind goes crazy.  It's like being in the yarn store ladies, or for a kid in the candy store.  I want to try it all and I want that instant gratification! It's so not happening right now!  I believe I have 5 WIPS.  Two blankets

I made an infinity scarf the other day, started the Lucy cowl last night, started another infinity scarf yesterday at lunch and I might have already started another pair of fingerless mitts.
So I am busy busy!


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