Thursday, December 1, 2011

So much to do...

I really like the idea of blogging and I hope to become more involved, but time is not my friend these days.

I got through my papers and ended up with an A in both classes.  This means I have made the Presidents list for the second time and the Deans list each other time.  July cannot come fast enough.  Here are some of the things I have been up to lately.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little bit of this and that!

It has been too long!  I apologize, life has been crazy busy.  Between work where I have taken on another persons job and the school term in its last wk I am crazed. I have two papers to write this weekend.  After this term I have 3 more to go and then I am done with my associates. I want to be an adoption and fostercare social worker. 

There are a few more things I wanna mention.  I have reached out into the crochet community this year.  I found a local knitting and crochet group and have met with them twice now.  I am so excited to be among fellow yarn lovers.  I have not surrounded myself like that before.  I look forward to the new conversations and friendships that I will be developing.  Not to mention new skills I hope to pick up.  I have also signed myself up for two swaps on Ravelry.  I am still trying to figure out how Ravelry works.  That has been an adventure. I finally just today figured out where my message box was other than when I have one and it tells me at the top of the!  I am so excited to make something for someone else and send it to them.  My first swap person is located in the UK...yay!   For her I have to make 6x6 squares.  I made two already and hope to include a couple others and send it out soon!  I have not found out about the second swap yet, hopefully any moment.  My partner for this one could be overseas as well.  The thought of this truly excites me.  I look forward to the different treasures that she or he will be picking for me!  I too cannot wait to send some goodies!

I have not been in the holiday spirit the past few years.  As I have gotten older it has changed as I have not spent it with my family as they live in Oregon.  I really think that children make the holiday.  I am not yet a mom, one day.  This year I get to spend Thanksgiving with my two nieces and two nephews.  They were given a second chance by a wonderful family in Long Island and were adopted.  The family has invited me as well as my boyfriend to spend that day with them.  I am elated!  So I have been christmas shopping and enjoying it.  I love being so close to them, building a relationship with them and being able to see them whenever I am able to.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ripple Progress and other yummy things

Here is my Lucy Ripple so far...I may have messed up my flow of colors. Grr...oh well.
It makes me smile and happy.  I do not know why I waited to make myself a blanket.  I think I was trying to fight the color urge.  Ever since I was a little girl these colors have always drawn me in.  I cannot wait until I can wrap myself up and be cozy warm. That makes my heart happy.  I have nine more colors to go and then start it all over again.  That should be plenty big enough. 
I did it, I did it, I did it!  I bought my first big girl yarn!  I say this because I have never really spent to much on yarn.  I never saw the point of it and honestly could never justify spending more than $5 dollars on a skein of yarn.  The picture does not do this yummy yarn justice.  I decided last weekend that I wanted to make lucys hand warmers and kept thinking do I do them in a happy rainbow? or do I make them out of something else.  Then I came face to face with this yarn and I knew this was going to become my hand warmers.  A little about the yarn, it is called MANOS silk blend, it is from Uraguay also known as the hands of Uraguay.  They are a non profit organization which assembles over 400 artisans in cooperatives scattered throughout the countryside of Uraguy.  Their aim is to bring economic and social opportuniites to rural women.  I like that!  I cannot wait to share my hand stay tuned.

                                                                         This past saturday we got a snowstorm.  I love not having to go anywhere and any reason to bake.  I also go to use my awesome kitchenaid mixer that is also in my favorite color!  It is so pretty I could just stare at it all day long.  So I crocheted on saturday and made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.  They were super fantabulous!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freak snow in October

Growing up in Oregon it has always rained on Halloween.  It was always cold and there was no such thing as just wearing your costume.  With our costumes we always wore a turtle neck, long johns or sweats.  Since I have lived in New Jersey the weather for Halloween has always been your typical chilly fall weather.  Not this time folks, it is snowing outside.  It is super cold, it is wet and I am rather surprised it is not sticking more. So here it is! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here goes nothing

I have never blogged before and I hope that I can figure this blogging thing out.  I hope to make my page look as pretty as all the ones I have seen and follow.  I cam across a blog about two months ago and was completely in awe.  The blog belongs to a woman who loves to crochet probably more than I do.  She and I share the LOVE for bright colors.  Her name is Lucy and here is her blog
I started one a new blanket and have her to thank.  I am now working on a ripple. It is going to have 22 colors in all.  Different shades of the rainbow.  Believe it or not this blanket is for me, as I have never in all of my years of crocheting made anything for myself.  Once I figure out how to cleverly link links here to words and include photos I will do so!