Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIPS and ideas

I have done a bit of crocheting this year.  I have made numerous blankets, big and small.  I have really slacked in taking pictures.  I did get a picture of the blanket I made for my Gram. 
I was lucky to this one.  As you can see its on the back of my car as I was walking in to the post office.  The others I was in the rush rush and didn't take pictures.  I sent out I think six baby blankets.
I may have just fibbed, I think I may have semi part or maybe full pictures of the blankies.  Beware the cuteness may be too much for some! 
Here is the blanket I made for baby #1 Emma
Baby #2 Hadleigh came 10 days later

Then a month or so later came baby #3 Savion

My pictures aren't great :( but it is a reminder to slow down and get those just finished pictures that  make my heart sing. 
I did say that there were six babies, the other three were triplet girls.  I have only one picture of the three blankets. I made three different ones. I made two ripples, I think and a granny stripe. I used the same colors. 
I also have a few other WIPS.  I promised myself that I wouldn't and well you know how it is, the mind goes crazy.  It's like being in the yarn store ladies, or for a kid in the candy store.  I want to try it all and I want that instant gratification! It's so not happening right now!  I believe I have 5 WIPS.  Two blankets

I made an infinity scarf the other day, started the Lucy cowl last night, started another infinity scarf yesterday at lunch and I might have already started another pair of fingerless mitts.
So I am busy busy!


Monday, July 29, 2013



Lucy never seizes to amaze me.  I haven't really crocheted since before I left for Oregon.  I took a scarf with me but did not really work on it as much.  Prior to leaving for my trip I was working on projects for my swaps.  I still have one to finish.  Since I have been back I have not crocheted at all!!! This is bad, very very very bad!  I have two blankets to finish and one to start and have done before Christmas!  What am I thinking? This morning I was browsing Lucy again and she is always working on something colorful and fun.  I see it and start thinking I wanna make that.  Of course that is not happening at the moment.

She did  re-inspire me to get back in the wagon and finish the two blankets I have started.  One is closer to being finished than the other.  I can do this, I love working under pressure! Whose with me on this? 

So with that, I have to clean and organize this weekend so I can find my projects and yarn before I can start!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I haven't forgotten about you, I promise.  I have been rather busy this year.  I have had plenty of projects to keep me busy.  I am sad to say that I don't have many pictures to back this up.  Last night I took some time to make something for "ME!" It felt GREAT, I am half way done.  I plan to make the second one tonight and then it hit me lastnight, BUTTONS!  I have super great buttons!  I purchased some yummy buttons at the Makery in Bath, when I was there. 
You can find the pattern here.  I absolutely love her blog! If you haven't checked it out, you have to its a MUST!!! These mitts are super easy and relaxing.  I started to over think my colors and had to stop. 

Everyone has been having babies this year.  I made blankets for each one! 
In March my best friend Bobby of forever had his first baby Emma.  10 days later my cousin had his second, a girl named Hadleigh.
In April my friend Shavonne had a boy Savion and two days later my friend Jen had triplet girls Brittney, Charlie and Kylee. 

Babies are in season again, January and February 2014 is going to be busy for me once again.  Three of my cousins are having babies and one of the three is having identical twins.  Another friend is also pregnant and due in the beginning of the year.  What I wouldn't give for it to be my turn! One day...

In March I was lucky enough to travel to England and France.  I was in love with England prior to my trip and didn't want to leave once I was there.  I cannot wait to go back. I think about it and tears come to my eyes. 

I spent a few days in London, visited Bath and Stone Henge.  I walked so much and mastered the tube.  While in Bath I was fortunate enough to visit The Makery Emporium, talk about love at first site. 

I have so much that I want to share with you and to show.  I will make some time to talk about it this weekend. 

How about I make a list:

Trip to Europe
Weight loss
Job search
Im sure there are some other bits too...