Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freak snow in October

Growing up in Oregon it has always rained on Halloween.  It was always cold and there was no such thing as just wearing your costume.  With our costumes we always wore a turtle neck, long johns or sweats.  Since I have lived in New Jersey the weather for Halloween has always been your typical chilly fall weather.  Not this time folks, it is snowing outside.  It is super cold, it is wet and I am rather surprised it is not sticking more. So here it is! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here goes nothing

I have never blogged before and I hope that I can figure this blogging thing out.  I hope to make my page look as pretty as all the ones I have seen and follow.  I cam across a blog about two months ago and was completely in awe.  The blog belongs to a woman who loves to crochet probably more than I do.  She and I share the LOVE for bright colors.  Her name is Lucy and here is her blog
I started one a new blanket and have her to thank.  I am now working on a ripple. It is going to have 22 colors in all.  Different shades of the rainbow.  Believe it or not this blanket is for me, as I have never in all of my years of crocheting made anything for myself.  Once I figure out how to cleverly link links here to words and include photos I will do so!