Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Productive...

I love to crochet more than anything in the world.  It relaxes me and it is all I wanna do.  It is constantly on my mind. I am always thinking about what I wanna make, the yarn I will use, how fast can  I get it done and most importantly who should I give it to?  I like most of you, always have a project that I can take with me.  I have such a big stash, I can actually say I have a big stash.  I honestly did not think it was so big, until  my mom came to visit and did her motherly cleaning and organizing because she didn't know how to relax.  So now all of my yarn is sorted by color!  I know I know you are thinking great! By color is great right?  Well not always, but I can deal!  It is nice because if I want pink I can go up to my personal store, open a drawer and its all right there. 

I have been trying like crazy to make blankets or anything to reduce the yarn.  I have made two in less than two months.  It barely made a dent.  I now have more small balls and am not throwing them out.  I have a special tin that I plan to put them all in.  We all love small balls of yarn.  Don't you hear it?  SCRAPGHAN!!!!!  Not now, but one day. 

I did mention being productive...I have been finishing up my granny stripe. I feel like it has taken me forever and a day.  I am not done with it persay, but the end is near.  I am done building the blanket itself.  I am now running in the endless ends and then will be able to do the border.  I am currently taking a break, because I hate ends. Unless someone would like a job, I will hire you to run in the ends!  No joke, I am dead serious! Since I do not have enough of the left over yarn for the border I have started making these squares from Heathers site.  I have loved those since I first laid eyes on them.  I was also thinking of doing this.  I think the Elmer may win this round!

 This past saturday I decided that I was going to make something for myself and chose to make an infinityscarf.  I found some new to me yarn.  Red Hearts Boutique Treasure, color is Abstract and dye lot 68000.  I love it. I have to buy more so I can finish it.  I am also a part of a scarf swap on Ravelry.  I just found the pattern and yarn for that project yesterday!  This time I am not sending internationally and it is stateside.  My person is actually maybe an hour tops away from me.  Whats nice is that I am making something that I have never made before, for her and myself. 

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