Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The itch

     I have the itch to make something for someone super special to me.  I have a friend whom I absolutely love and adore.  I do not get to see her as often as I would like due to the craziness of life and the fact that she is a mom of four!  Her boys are super busy in sports and the teams that travel, her husband works alot but does help with the traveling of the sports.  Her daughter is so special to me and I love when I get to spend time with her. 

     Lastnight my friends daughter G came up the block to where I am staying and visited with me for about two hours. Shes 12 mind you, we threw the ball for the dog and then talked crocheting for about 45 minutes.  Her mom knits and just recently learned to crochet a bit.  She has taught G how to knit a few years ago and here recently to crochet.  A couple nights ago I got visit with R the mom and we always have so much fun.  Shes animated, down to earth (from the Midwest), easty to talk to and shares my love for color.  I could go on about her... :) 

     It hit me the other night that I need to make her something.  She loves the beach and has worked on making her house serene like and the colors remind me of the beach.  She LOVES the beach.  She is always wearing coral somewhere on her body.  I was out getting yarn a few weeks ago and I came across some coral yarn.  I have never seen this before.  I bought 5 skeins!  Whats a girl to do?  So again it hit me the other night I need to make her something.  I wanna make her a blanket with the coral.  I am going to get some sea foam and white and maybe a mocha.  I have to scratch this itch!

     Mind you I have several other things I have to complete.  I have those 3 of the 4 blankets to finish for Christmas.   I have been working on my swap projects from Ravelry.  I got caught up in the SWAPTASTICNESS and might have slightly overwelmed myself for like a second...maybe 10.  Im good now.  I sent one box out already, another is pretty much ready and the other could be ready by tomorrow!  I have also RAK'd a few ladies. You know Random Act of Kindness!  This is when you send something to someone that they wanted.  I know this because they have wishlists!  I also rec'd my first one the other day. I was so excited.  I got stitch markers and I even used them lastnight while working on a swap project, skull socks( which I purchased lastweek for someone Im swapping with) and sock yarn! 

     You see I have never worked with sock yarn, I purchased some last week because I wanted to crochet socks.  I found a pattern and thought this is going to be so easy, how hard could it really be?  I consider myself to be an experienced crocheter, well maybe I should say advanced since I have yet to make clothing.  I found the pattern through the DROPS design site. I should have known it wasnt going to go well when it starts out CH 90.  I have to frog it.  Im not giving up, Im just gonna look for another pattern.  If it still doesnt work then I am going to have my friend R that is mentioned above teach me how to knit socks. 


  1. Sounds perfect, I am itching to make a beachy throw but just can't decided so have been sidetracked with a request from a daughter! I can't wait to see what you come up with Fiona x

    1. Oh Fiona! You should I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I have my beachy throw in mind and another for someone else. I wish I could just crochet all the time everyday and get these projects done. I get so excited and seems to take awhile!

  2. i'd think that it's much easier to knit socks than to crochet them.. i've never even tried crocheting socks.. but making socks on a 4 needle set is easy... i'd make some plain ones first.. then you can think about putting in a pattern.. or making argyles.. i used to love making argyle socks.. sounds like you are still open to learning new things.. that's great