Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hi my name is Thea and I am addicted to swapping!  Ravelry swapping that is!  My plate is full at the moment and I am enjoying it.  I always overwelm myself but then settle into it no problem. 
The one thing I like just as much as spoiling someone else, is the fact that I get to challenge myself.  I have been making things that I normally wouldnt.  Lets say that maybe I have been a little scared to make something new as much as I have been wanting to. 

I made slippers over the weekend, interesting to say the least.

I made a market bag.

Last night I made one fingerless mitt and will make the other tonight. 

A shawl

I almost forgot...Skull potholders!!! This required me to crochet with two colors.

I will work on getting pictures and posting ASAP!

These are all for soemeone in my swaps. 
All of these may sound easy and like a no brainer to others, but they are things I have never attempted.  I love to crochet and consider myself to be a great one at that.  I cannot say expert yet because I have not gone outside my comfort level.  Expert is right around the corner.

I am also learning about new yarns.  Since I am not a yarn snob, Red Heart is pretty much all I have known.  So lucky for me, I now have a LYS 2 minutes down the road.  I purchased some yummy yarn yesterday for the mitts and a couple of other goodies for other swaps.  It was important for me to feel some of the types of yarns that these ladies love.  I guess you could say I am a yarn virgin and to be honest I was a little embarrassed yesterday in the store.  You know the feeling Im talking about right?  When you are unfamiliar, its like being in class  and the teacher putting you on the spot. 

I too will overcome this and I look forward to it.  I love giving to others, making things for others and spoiling someone else.  Its funny because I find that where I would not buy something for myself I for some reason do not think twice about it for someone else.  It donned on me the other day that I will be receiving stuff as well.  I honestly forgot that was part of the deal!

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