Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little bit of this and that!

It has been too long!  I apologize, life has been crazy busy.  Between work where I have taken on another persons job and the school term in its last wk I am crazed. I have two papers to write this weekend.  After this term I have 3 more to go and then I am done with my associates. I want to be an adoption and fostercare social worker. 

There are a few more things I wanna mention.  I have reached out into the crochet community this year.  I found a local knitting and crochet group and have met with them twice now.  I am so excited to be among fellow yarn lovers.  I have not surrounded myself like that before.  I look forward to the new conversations and friendships that I will be developing.  Not to mention new skills I hope to pick up.  I have also signed myself up for two swaps on Ravelry.  I am still trying to figure out how Ravelry works.  That has been an adventure. I finally just today figured out where my message box was other than when I have one and it tells me at the top of the!  I am so excited to make something for someone else and send it to them.  My first swap person is located in the UK...yay!   For her I have to make 6x6 squares.  I made two already and hope to include a couple others and send it out soon!  I have not found out about the second swap yet, hopefully any moment.  My partner for this one could be overseas as well.  The thought of this truly excites me.  I look forward to the different treasures that she or he will be picking for me!  I too cannot wait to send some goodies!

I have not been in the holiday spirit the past few years.  As I have gotten older it has changed as I have not spent it with my family as they live in Oregon.  I really think that children make the holiday.  I am not yet a mom, one day.  This year I get to spend Thanksgiving with my two nieces and two nephews.  They were given a second chance by a wonderful family in Long Island and were adopted.  The family has invited me as well as my boyfriend to spend that day with them.  I am elated!  So I have been christmas shopping and enjoying it.  I love being so close to them, building a relationship with them and being able to see them whenever I am able to.

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