Thursday, December 1, 2011

So much to do...

I really like the idea of blogging and I hope to become more involved, but time is not my friend these days.

I got through my papers and ended up with an A in both classes.  This means I have made the Presidents list for the second time and the Deans list each other time.  July cannot come fast enough.  Here are some of the things I have been up to lately.
In the midst of all the things I have been doing I had to finish a baby blanket and bust out a couple of scarves.  I for the first time made the Queen Anne Lace scarf, it works up so nicely.  I had so much fun I made another.  The first one was made with Bernat Mosaic and is totally the poor womans NORO.  They look the same, but the Bernat is softer.  The second I used knitpicks chroma.  I saw the scarf and Chroma first here .  (That was my first time linking, it would be spectacular if it actually worked.)

Blanket is fit for a crib!

Last sunday I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my two nieces Madisen and Jaydah as well as their wonderful mom Denise.  We met up in Penn station where the LIRR meets both Amtrak and NJ Transit.  Within minutes of meeting up with them I learned that Jaydahs pretty purple headband had fallen right into the toilet and that we had to go look for something pretty to match her outfit. We found a beautiful turqouise flower on a black band in Macys.  Our purpose in the city was to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.  We had an impromptu visit with Santa at Macys. Let me just say that it was the most incredible experience.  I cannot wait until I have my own children and get to take them.

Madisen & I

The girls with Mrs. Clause

We finally made it to Radio City and I was sooooooo excited to see Jaydahs face, who is six years old.  She is the girliest girl I have ever come across and loves dancing.  So seeing her face light up and her gasps almost put tears in my eyes.  I was so pleased to see her so blown away.  Her favorite part when I asked was seeing Santa.  Madisen said it was cool and she would definitely see it again.  She's 14 so getting much more of a reponse can be challenging...teenagers!

After the show we did walked back up to 34th street to see the windows at Macys.  The girls enjoyed them as did I.  Sunday was an amazing day and surreal for me.  I never in a million years thought that I would ever spend a day in New York City with my nieces let alone have them live less than an hour away from me.  I cannot wait to spend many more days in the city with Madisen. 

My boyfriend and I were invited to spend Thanksgiving with the kids and their new family.  Again this was so wonderful.  I have only spent one Thanksgiving with the kids and it was the three older ones.  I was also dogsitting so I got to bring Bella who is a Bischa-Poo with me.  The kids requested that I make my awesome mashed potatos.  We played board games and decorated gingerbread houses that I brought
over.  We went on a couple of walks and did end up at the park.  It had rained all week and Thanksgiving day was absolutely beautiful!
Back Row: Chase and Madisen
Front Row: Jaydah and Hayden


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