Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy New Year everyone!  It is a new year and I am so excited!!! This year is my year. I am doing wonderful great things and bettering myself!!!

Things have been so crazy since I last posted.  I feel like I fell off the face of the earth! Things went all haywire when Sandy visited.  I just realized that I have not checked my email associated to this blog in a month or so.  I have had so many phone issues, I forgot Im not getting the email on my phone right now.  Thats how I stayed connected before. 

Sandy made a mess you all know about it and I was also with out power for 9 days.  I did crochet...I worked on my Ripple.  I had not touched her since Jan 2012 and I made a bit of progress.  I needed something happy in my life and well there are tons of colors, it kept my spirits up.  I pulled her out lastnight and added two more colors in the sequence. I have 6 more total colors to add, which is 24 rows and then I have to decide on a border.  I am so excited to have almost completed my first blanket for myself.  You all know how it goes, always making for others and not yourself. 

My last post was about the blankets I was making for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  I finally and I do mean FINALLY finished them.  Such a great feeling.  I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself!  Over Thanksgiving I made a baby blanket for my bestfriend and his wife who are expecting their first baby this spring.  I also made two hats for baby Emma as well.  I have to run in the ends and get it packaged.  Baby blankets are so QUICK.  I make the summer ripple. I will have to link later. 

I am currently working on a special project for someone in my life...I am excited to be done. I am more than half way.  It entails a bunch of counting so last night I took a break from it and pulled out my ripple.  I of course want to make another ripple and use some of my Lucy stash.  Yes I have quite the stash!  My niece got the lucy granny stripe and I did not want to give it away, but she LOVES it. 

There are so many things I want to make and always feel like I have not enough time.  So many people I want to make for.  Back to baby blankets...there are a total of 8 babies being born this spring that I know of.  I luckily got one of the seven done.  I get to make two baby boy blankets and 5 girls. One of which is done.  I have a friend who lives in Wisconsin and she is having triplet girls.  So I am excited to see what I can come up for her. 

Oh my gosh I could go on and on.  I guess my next post should be something with pictures of what has been keeping me busy! Im coming back ladies!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you! 8 babies? You must be kidding ... Have great week. Regula