Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here goes nothing

I have never blogged before and I hope that I can figure this blogging thing out.  I hope to make my page look as pretty as all the ones I have seen and follow.  I cam across a blog about two months ago and was completely in awe.  The blog belongs to a woman who loves to crochet probably more than I do.  She and I share the LOVE for bright colors.  Her name is Lucy and here is her blog
I started one a new blanket and have her to thank.  I am now working on a ripple. It is going to have 22 colors in all.  Different shades of the rainbow.  Believe it or not this blanket is for me, as I have never in all of my years of crocheting made anything for myself.  Once I figure out how to cleverly link links here to words and include photos I will do so!

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  1. I also love Attic 24 and my name is Lucy. I also love to blog. Good Luck with yours :)